That Slippery Slope Between Three and Four

IMG_0165There seems to be a major change that occurs in children between certain birthdays.  My Quinnie is going to be four in May.  I have noticed that he is going through one of those major growing up phases, but my sweet baboo is having a tough time. Quinn has always been an awesome boy. He is the fruit of my loins and I would expect no less. He was an extremely easy infant and always a happy-go-lucky fella. He was super friendly, noticed the difference between men and women immediately and he loves the ladies. He is also the cheesiest cheeseball I have ever met.  I have always said his personality was more like his father’s, he is very easy-going, nothing phases him. He is a duck, water would roll right off his back. In the odd event that someone pissed him off, his feelings wouldn’t be hurt, he wouldn’t stew about it. He would just punch them in the face and carry on. While I noticed my boy has become extremely independent as of late and quite the conversationalist, at the same time he is suddenly having temper tantrums of ASTRONOMICAL proportions and tremendous separation anxiety.  Mommy wants to know WTF that is all about. I don’t do well with temper tantrums. Liam never had one, probably because he knew I would suck at handling it.  I don’t know how to deal with them. My first thought is to walk away and put some distance between us and say ” Who’s friggin kid is that?” However, because Quinn is such a hugger and kisser and always telling me he loves me, I couldn’t do that to him.  So I try to calm him down and I have found that I just gotta let it run its course. In time, my little bipolar bear gets right over it and acts as if nothing ever happened. The only evidence of the fit is the dried tears on his face and the crusted up snot from his nose running. Then there is the freaking out when I walk away.  Secretly, the separation anxiety is sometimes endearing.  He only has it with me.  He has always been a mama’s boy and I love that. Not that Liam doesn’t love his mama too. It is just different and Liam very much worships his father.  Quinn won’t let Daddy do anything. Or come anywhere near him. Or kiss him or hug him.  Only mama. *sigh* He has gone to the same daycare since he was born. Every morning he wakes up and says “Where are we going today, Mama?” When I tell him I am going to work and him and AvaRose are going to Catherine’s, he always says ” I don’t wanna go to Cafrins ous. I wanna go to work wif you.” When I tell him he can’t go to work with me, his answer is simple. “Don’t go to stupid work.” I don’t wanna go to stupid work either. I wanna crawl in bed and make a blanket fort with Quinnie and tell silly stories. So we pack up the car and sing You are My Sunshine and I Love You, Quinnie. When we get to Catherine’s he rings the doorbell.  I kiss him and take his coat off. Then he starts crying. Sobbing. “Mama if you leave I am gonna be sad about you. Please don’t make me sad about you.  I’m going to cry all day.” I have to go. I know the worst thing to do is to give in and hug him over and over. I give him a quick squeeze and kiss and I leave with him screaming behind me. If it were just at daycare drop off, I might not be concerned. But it happens when I take the garbage out, when I have to run at the store and when I have to go to the bathroom.  Today we were at the park and I just had to turn and grab his sister and he was hysterical, yelling “You’re leaving without me!” He really believed I was leaving him! Except I was right friggin there, how could I have left. Really, I feel so bad for him. He has turned into this shy, worried little boy.  He used to talk to everybody.  Now he puts his head down and peeks up through his eyelashes at people.  He hides behind my legs.  Two boys that he knows asked him to play in the park today, but he was so busy trying to get back into my uterus that he didn’t even answer them. When I told him that the Easter bunny had left something on the table for him last Sunday, he ran out of his room excited to see the candy, but then turned to me with a very worried expression on his face and asked if the bunny was in his house.  I don’t know what to do with the little guy. Today we were walking home from the park. He asked if he could get out of the stroller and hold my hand and walk. Of course I said yes and he was walking happily, until we crossed the street.  The he had a shit fit about being on the other side of the street. And proceeded to cry for six blocks.  Then we turned the corner to the block where our house is and just like that he stopped crying and said “I feel so so so much better now mama”  Thank God.  We live across the street from a church. I was going to leave him on the steps.


About Jen

I am a working, full-time mom to three beautiful children, ages 9 1/2, 3 1/2 and 15 months. My blog is partly therapy for me, part journal of my children's memories and partly a source of advice or atleast humor to other parents out there in the big world. While my children are my greatest joy and accomplishment, I am trying to maintain my individuality AND be a great mom. I am hoping to do this without screwing my kids up. Somedays are wonderful and I feel extreme gratitude to these little people that have completed my life. Other days, they seem to suck the life right out of me. I try to approach it all with a sense of humor and full knowledge that parenting can lead to alcoholism and brain damage. Please feel free to comment on any posts and suggestions are welcome .
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  1. taitailife says:

    If you ever feel like commiserating over a virtual margarita, let me know!

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