Once I recovered well enough from my weekend of drunken debauchery, I decided to blog about an interestingly odd conversation I had with none other than, my first-born, Liam.

Then, when I got on here, I was shocked, touched and tickled to find out I had been nominated for *drumroll please*very-inspiring-blogger-award

I was nominated by Making it Through Monday , at http://makingitthroughmonday.wordpress.com/ a fellow mother and blogger that I started following because I understood her and I was secretly jealous that she is experiencing the joys of being pregnant. I liked the name of her blog, as my hatred for Mondays is no secret, I felt like I was drawn to this blog.

I can’t believe anyone even reads my blog. To be honest, I started it at an attempt to keep my sanity. I felt there were a lot of negative things being thrown at me all at once and I needed an outlet.  The fact that people find it to be inspiring makes me happy, but I am a little surprised by it. Thank you so much for your consideration, Monday’s Mum. I am so very flattered. Maybe I am not such a negative Nancy.

So there are rules to this nomination. Those rules must be followed. The rules are;

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who has nominated you,

2. Post the award logo to your blog.

3. Nominate and link to 15 other very inspiring bloggers.

4. Notify them; and tell 7 things about yourself.

So without further ado, here are fifteen bloggers that I follow and would like to nominate for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. (Please forgive me for not back linking correctly. Clearly, I suck)

1. Some Species Eat Their Young http://somespecieseattheiryoung.com – a great blog from the perspective of the dad and the way he talks about his daughter is just perfect.

2. Motherhood WTF http://motherhoodwtf.com  My sentiments exactly.  All new moms should read this. It is loaded with all the things you really need to know but no one tells you.

3. Ben’s Bitter Blog http://bensbitterblog.wordpress.com– this is highly entertaining to me, because I am always referred to as a pessimist, when in fact, I believe that I am just a realist.

4. Mom and Boys http://momandboy.wordpress.com – smart lady, I was drawn to her blog because she is a mother of two boys and I can’t stop reading

5. Mancakes the Blog  http://mancakestheblog.wordpress.com – Oh My God.  When I first read one of her posts I thought maybe I was writing another blog in while I was unconscious. Her life experiences, her perspective on things is just spot on.  Love it.

6.  Charlotte Carrendar  http://charlottecarrendar.com– thought-provoking and creative. all the things that I aspire to be, but can never find the time for.

7. Don of All Trades http://donofalltrades.com/– you have to check this guy out. If he isn’t making me laugh out loud, he is making my brain work.  If ya don’t use it, ya lose it

8. Normal is the New Boring http://journeyintothespectrum.wordpress.com/– I was drawn to her blog one night when I was exasperated by my three and a half-year old.  Her patience is limitless and she is funny too. I feel like she is a friend I have had for years.

9. Simple Tom http://simpletombornhigh.com– I am inspired by this young man and his limitless positivity.  The world needs more young men like him

10. Mommy in the Moonlight  http://amorainbette.wordpress.com – Her blog just makes me feel good.  Like there are other people in this world having similar experiences to mine and they are surviving and now I know I will too

11. Learus Ohnine http://learus.wordpress.com–  This blog is an education and I feel enlightened every time I read it.

12. The Official How to Blog http://theofficialhowtoblog.wordpress.com– Always informative and has been more helpful than anyone could imagine.

13. It’s Not My Fault http://electrikkiss.com – Brutally honest and different.  This brave woman shares her experiences and they are never dull

14. Yoonanimous http://yoonanimous.com – This young mom has a lot to offer and is a busy lady. My favorite are her posts on downers.

15. Childhood Relived http://childhoodrelived.com-I am all about nostalgia and childhood memories.  This blog is perfect for me. It is like a warm, comfy blanket


Oh boy, this is going to be hard for me.  I don’t like attention and I am very private.  I will try my best.  Here are seven things about me

1. I swear like a truck driver.  It’s not pretty, but I can’t run around punching people in the throat, so I swear.  Sometimes I do it in Italian, but people tend to figure out what I am saying.

2. I believe the most difficult day at home with my kids is still better than the best day at work.  I love those little energy drainers so much

3. I worry constantly that I am screwing my kids up, which probably makes the damage even worse.

4. Liam is named after a boy who always went fishing with my dad, his dad and me when I was a kid.  That Liam is now a pro surfer in Hawaii

5. I have a lot of tattoos.  They can all be covered.  Everyone thinks I am this smart, typical, soccer mom.  I love the look of disappointment on judgmental people’s faces when they notice one of my tattoos. I’m smart AND cool.  You’re just a dick

6. I don’t watch scary movies, because I really get scared. REALLY SCARED

7. I hate being a grown up and I am mad at myself for all those times when I was younger and wished I could be older.

Thank you again for your time and attention.  I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all and I love hearing all of yours.  Whether you are a parent or someone who I am living vicariously through as a non parent, I appreciate your thoughts and stories.  Good night and God Bless.



About Jen

I am a working, full-time mom to three beautiful children, ages 9 1/2, 3 1/2 and 15 months. My blog is partly therapy for me, part journal of my children's memories and partly a source of advice or atleast humor to other parents out there in the big world. While my children are my greatest joy and accomplishment, I am trying to maintain my individuality AND be a great mom. I am hoping to do this without screwing my kids up. Somedays are wonderful and I feel extreme gratitude to these little people that have completed my life. Other days, they seem to suck the life right out of me. I try to approach it all with a sense of humor and full knowledge that parenting can lead to alcoholism and brain damage. Please feel free to comment on any posts and suggestions are welcome .
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  1. makingitthroughmonday says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your #2 and 3 in your Seven Things About Me!

    Thanks for all your kind words!! And for all the inspiration you have already brought me as both a mom and a blogger!

  2. Haha, thank you so much, this was a nice surprise! Anybody who can curse in Italian is tits in my book!

  3. Electrikkiss says:

    Reblogged this on It's not my fault. and commented:
    Another award, MANY THANKS!

  4. momonfire says:

    oh no, thank you for your awesome blog. I LOVE IT!

  5. I am so very inspired to be even more bitter now!

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