Shit Quinn Says

Today was a day for me and Quinn to spend some quality time. He is my middle guy and he is really a mama’s boy. He took it pretty hard when we brought Rosebud home from the hospital and I’ve been trying to make it up to him ever since.

So I took him with me to run errands. We listened to “I don’t care, I love it” in the car, twice, because he loves it. He ate half the groceries in the car on the way home. He is delicious and I love him, but he is crazy.

He needed new shoes but was completely freaked out by my taking his shoes off to try on new ones. Then he kept telling me he is not wearing pants anymore so stop looking at them. He said that a 100 times at least. I told him I was looking at pants for me and he told me I don’t need them either. Then we saw all these long flowing maxi dresses and he wanted me to get one. So I explained that I am way too short for those and he asked “Can I wear girls clothes?” Sure you can, your dad will love that, but of course you can.
Then he gave the lady on line behind us the major stink eye. She told him he was the devil so he said “I’m the devil with a cute little face.” He refers to everyone by size and shape like I am big, rectangle mommy and Ava is small rectangle Avawoses. Whenever he had to go to the bathroom he says ” excuse me, I have to go poopoo and peepee now so I have to shut my shows off so I can’t hear max and ruby while I’m going to the bafroom.” As if he needs permission to go to the bathroom. I thought he would go to college in diapers! Then to end our day we saw a puppy sleeping in the rear window of a car. He stopped to look at him and giggled and smiled. He said ” I love that puppy so much, I’m going to punch him in the ass”. That’s how he expresses his love for u, by saying he will punch you in the ass, which is interesting because no one in his environment says that. I know you aren’t supposed to curse in front of your kids and if he were listening to me he would be calling everyone a mother effer. Where he gets the punching in the ass thing, I have no idea. Just one of those funny Quinnisms that one day won’t be anymore. These kids seem to lose some of their quirks as they get older and replace them with new ones. I enjoyed my day and he must have too. When we got home, I got a hug and a kiss and a punch in the ass.


About Jen

I am a working, full-time mom to three beautiful children, ages 9 1/2, 3 1/2 and 15 months. My blog is partly therapy for me, part journal of my children's memories and partly a source of advice or atleast humor to other parents out there in the big world. While my children are my greatest joy and accomplishment, I am trying to maintain my individuality AND be a great mom. I am hoping to do this without screwing my kids up. Somedays are wonderful and I feel extreme gratitude to these little people that have completed my life. Other days, they seem to suck the life right out of me. I try to approach it all with a sense of humor and full knowledge that parenting can lead to alcoholism and brain damage. Please feel free to comment on any posts and suggestions are welcome .
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2 Responses to Shit Quinn Says

  1. MabeWithLove says:

    Loved this, it made me laugh and it reminded me of my two year old so much.

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow, he sounds awesome. I love how he describes people in shapes!! And my son does the same thing with Max and Ruby–“Mom!!! Which button do I push to pause it I have to go pee!!!”.
    I’m glad you got some one-on-one time with crazy Quinn:)

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