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Shit Quinn Says

Today was a day for me and Quinn to spend some quality time. He is my middle guy and he is really a mama’s boy. He took it pretty hard when we brought Rosebud home from the hospital and I’ve … Continue reading

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I got an message from a fellow blogger on Monday, from thelittledabbler,, Ms. Libby Sawyer. She stated that she had nominated me for a Liebster award. I was amazed for many reasons. 1- I am really new to this … Continue reading

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I think I am heading down to crazy

I think I am heading down to crazy town and I am the one putting myself there.  It’s ok, I’ve been there before, there is actually a suite named after me.  It is just this feeling that I am about … Continue reading

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The Guy’s Girl- A Follow Up

Yesterday I wrote a post about my two best friends and our silly, immature friendship.  Being a grown up has sucked canal water to the tenth power lately, so I sent pal #2 a text asking if he and pal … Continue reading

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Jon Hamm’s Sausage and My BFri’s Pig in a Blanket

I am sure many people are aware of it now, because it has been in the news again recently, but Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame has been blessed with a large penis. However, my best friend Paul* (not his real … Continue reading

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I am always amazed at the stupid and/or downright rude things people say.  This applies to family members, co-workers and strangers. So many stupid and rude things have been said to me, that I began to take a mental note … Continue reading

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Little people and their big personalities

I have posted a lot about my Liam and it dawned on me that there was not a lot of information about my other two jewels, my Quinnie the Pooh and my AvaRose.  I suddenly envisioned myself choking to death on a pop’em … Continue reading

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