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If He Could Be A Fly On The Wall, He’d Be Bored

Sometimes, my sweet hubby gets a little pissy about my friendship with Sal and Paul. It’s usually after a conversation with his sister that includes her disapproval, but I’m not supposed to know that. Most of the time, he has … Continue reading

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coitus interruptus

So we all know my date went right in the crapper last night. By the time my second wind wore off and I was ready for bed at 1am, my husband had woken up from his  power nap and wanted to … Continue reading

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The Suckiest of all Suckfests!!!!

I try very hard to be the happiest pessimist on the planet. I don’t even like to refer to myself as a pessimist, I am a realist. I try to approach anything and everything with a sense of humor, because … Continue reading

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When You Mess with a Bull, You Get the Horns…..or In This Case, You Get Nothing

Earlier today I started, but didn’t get a chance to complete a blog on how to keep the romance alive. Then I came home to someone who looked like my husband but was clearly a, let me see if I … Continue reading

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