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The Versatile Blogger Award-Oh, I’m Versatile Alright

It’s Saturday night, date night at my house.  I just finished baking for tomorrow and cleaning the house and getting the kids ready for bed, all while trying to be sexy for date night, as if I have to try … Continue reading

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The ball and chain had to go shape a night construction job on the belt parkway,which left me with minding my little cherubs all by my lonesome after working all day. So, we had our soup, sandwich and cookie dinner … Continue reading

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A.D.H.D. Is making me C.R.A.Z.Y.

Liam is in a battle with ADHD and right now the ADHD is winning. I am partly to blame. I agreed with his father to take him off his medication because I knew the only way his father would realize … Continue reading

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I Gave My Kid The Finger While We Were Watching SpongeBob in My Bed Drinking Wine and Peaches

I make an effort to be a great mom. Someone who teaches their kids manners, respect, responsibility and kindness. I preach do unto others as you have done unto you, but I have been known to make some pretty clear … Continue reading

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I Have Turned into My Mother

Easter is this Sunday. We will host the holiday at our house, not because it is roomy or fancy, but because my mom always did all of the holidays when I was young and I swore I would give her … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son

My husband is a very intriguing character. While you would think he was a manly man,  judging from his burly, furry exterior,and he claims to be a manly man,  I think he is at least part magnina.  He cries at the drop … Continue reading

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The Working Mom’s Third Job- Worrying

As a full-time mom and full-time member of the workforce, I can say that I spend a tremendous amount of time worrying. I worry about whether I spend enough quality time with my kids. I worry if I am doing … Continue reading

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