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The Versatile Blogger Award-Oh, I’m Versatile Alright

It’s Saturday night, date night at my house.  I just finished baking for tomorrow and cleaning the house and getting the kids ready for bed, all while trying to be sexy for date night, as if I have to try … Continue reading

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I got an message from a fellow blogger on Monday, from thelittledabbler, http://thelittledabbler.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/i-was-nominated-for-a-liebster-award/, Ms. Libby Sawyer. She stated that she had nominated me for a Liebster award. I was amazed for many reasons. 1- I am really new to this … Continue reading

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When You Mess with a Bull, You Get the Horns…..or In This Case, You Get Nothing

Earlier today I started, but didn’t get a chance to complete a blog on how to keep the romance alive. Then I came home to someone who looked like my husband but was clearly a, let me see if I … Continue reading

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Mutterings from the bottom of a really deep, black hole

Over the past nine months, my husband and I have come across some really bad times, and it keeps getting worse. We are no stranger to struggle, things are tough more often than they are not, but we have always … Continue reading

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